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To incorporate in Quebec, you need an address in Quebec, proof of identity for each company director and payment for the incorporation fee. (No Canadian citizenship required)
You do not need to be a Canadian citizen to incorporate in Quebec. See the above question for incorporation requirements.
You do not need to live in Canada to incorporate in Quebec. You just need a Quebec address to receive mail. If you need a Quebec address, reach out to to learn more about our virtual business address service.
You do not need to be in Canada to incorporate in Quebec. Our incorporation service can be fully completed online.
A company needs at least one founder, one director, one shareholder, a President and a Secretary. A single individual can hold all of those titles.
The complete incorporation process usually takes around 15 business days. However, your Quebec Entreprise Number (NEQ) is usually issued within 2 business days and you will already be able to operate your business.
You can find a link to the status of your application in your application confirmation email. If you are unable to locate it, simply contact and we can help you out.
You can cancel your application as long as the application has not been filed with the government. Reach out to to notify us. For the refund amount, see the answer to the question below.
Full refunds are available for 24 hours after the application is submitted. After 24 hours, you may receive a partial refund (full amount minus a 5% administration fee) as long as the application has not been filed with the government. Simply reach out to to notify us.
We offer bespoke entreprise services such as company virtual mailing address, tax filing, dissolution and more as part of our Entreprise plans. Contact to get an assessment of your business needs.
Hundred & Four provides national services for Canadian companies. Hundred & Four Incorporate is a premium processing service available in Quebec currently. For bespoke entreprise services, you can reach out to for the most reliable way to handle your business needs.
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