Incorporation is the legal process used to form a corporate entity—your corporate entity.
Participate in a $2 trillion economy
Corporations have front-row seats to Canada's $2 trillion economy, the ninth largest economy in the world. Even as a startup, small and medium entreprises account for more than 50 per cent of the value added to Canada's GDP.1, 2
Restaurants, law firms, gaming studios: all created the same
The Quebec economy is as diverse as its people. Quebec startups leverage the same incorporation process regardless of their industry—ask the 10,000+ yearly new business owners.3
Why incorporate?
Take advantage of benefits only available to corporations.
Limited liability
A company is a separate legal entity from its owners. By incorporating your startup, your personal assets are protected from your business ventures so you can fully focus on building your business.
Lower tax rates
Pay 60% less in income taxes every year, equivalent to thousands of real dollars. Quebec startups pay as low as 12.2% in income tax compared to the 31.9% the average Canadian pays.4
Brand recognition
Incorporating a startup comes with professional credibility. From appearing in the Entreprise Register to having a protected company name and owning trademarks, founders can build their brand securely and confidently.
Access to capital
Canadian companies raise over $5 billion in capital every year. Incorporating a startup allows its founders to secure substantial funding and keep growing with investor support.5
Own a business and scale directly with its value. Founders own a significant amount of shares of their startup and are subject to limitless upsides in events such as going public or getting acquired.
Timeless ownership
Leave a legacy behind when building a company. Incorporation makes the process of ownership transfers and succession planning easier so your heirs can also directly benefit from your company.
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