in Quebec
in 15 minutes.
  • For solo and non-solo entrepreneurs
  • Quebec Enterprise Number issuance
  • Company name registration
  • No board of directors required
  • No citizenship required
Incorporate in 15 minutes with Hundred & Four Incorporate
Join the 800,000+ companies that are incorporated in Quebec
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What is Hundred & Four?
Hundred & Four Incorporate is a simple, reliable and secure service to incorporate in Quebec.
Real-time updates
Know the latest status of your incorporation without having to guess. Receive real-time updates as soon as your incorporation status changes so you can keep your momentum and keep on building fast.
Real-time updates
Hands-off paperwork
Hands-off paperwork
Save yourself time and energy from having to deal with legal paperwork. We'll make sure the incorporation is done correctly and provide you access to your signed documents all in one place.
Do business within days
Incorporating and doing business as a corporate entity does not take months. Reap all the benefits from being a corporation within days of submitting your incorporation details.
Do business within days
Why incorporate?
Start investing in yourself.
Own a business and scale directly with its value. Founders own a significant amount of shares of their startup and are subject to limitless upsides in events such as going public or getting acquired.
Lower tax rates
Pay 60% less in income taxes every year, equivalent to thousands of real dollars. Quebec startups pay as low as 12.2% in income taxes compared to the 31.9% the average Canadian pays.
Brand recognition
Incorporating a startup comes with professional credibility. From appearing in the Entreprise Register to having a protected company name and owning trademarks, founders can build their brand securely and confidently.
Plans tailored to you.
Incorporation costs can exceed thousands of dollars if you don't take control of them. With Hundred & Four Incorporate, your costs are transparent and fixed, preventing you from overspending while you invest the additional capital back into your business. Whether doing it yourself with our assistance or using our premium service, explore our plans to find the one that's right for you.
Premium plan includes:
  • Hundred & Four premium processing
  • Company name registration
  • Initial declaration filing
  • Signed incorporation documents
  • Live user support
  • Access to Hundred & Four Incorporated community
How it works
You take the first step, we do the rest.
Step 1
Fill and submit.
Fill out the 15-minute incorporation application and submit it. Decide on your company name, headquarters, founders, board of directors and more.
Step 2
Review and process.
Upon receiving the application, we'll review it within 2 business days and make sure nothing is missing. Once successfully reviewed, the application is processed on the same day.
Step 3
NEQ issued.
The Government of Quebec issues your Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ) on the same day as the application processing. Your company is now a legal entity.
Step 4
Company declared.
We file your initial declaration and your company is fully incorporated in the Entreprise Register. Invest and build your business to new heights.
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Le gouvernement du Québec